2021 selection

Among a collection of photographs carefully chosen by the AFP (Agence France-Presse), young people vote for the picture that, in their opinion, comes closest to representing our world today. This activity takes place at school, or in their youth organization at the beginning of the school year (September). Thanks to an online platform, secondary school students and young people who participate in the activities of youth organizations from all over the world can now vote online, giving this project a true perspective!


September 30, 2020 – Vatican City
Pope Francis prays with priests at the end of a limited public audience at the San Damaso courtyard.

AFP 2 | Alexis HUGUET

June 11, 2021 – North of Goma (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
A ranger from the Virunga National Park climbs the slopes of the Nyiragongo volcano, north of Goma in the provincial capital of North Kivu. Three weeks after Nyiragongo's May 22 eruption, which caused the death of about 30 people and the evacuation of nearly half a million residents of Goma, volcanologists from the Goma Volcanological Observatory climb to the top of the crater to assess volcanic activity.

AFP 3 | Eduardo SOTERAS

November 22, 2020 – Humera, Tigray region (Ethiopia)
A woman stands in a metal sheet room that was damaged by shelling.

AFP 4 | Olivier DOULIERY

November 3, 2020 – Washington, DC (USA)
A US President Donald Trump supporter (L) clashes with a demonstrator at Black Lives Matter plaza across from the White House on election day.


August 18, 2020 – Napa county, California (USA)
In this long exposure photograph, embers fly off a burning tree during the Hennessey fire in the Spanish Flat area of Napa. As of the late hours of August 18, the Hennessey fire has merged with at least 7 fires and is now called the LNU Lightning Complex fires.

AFP 6 | Anne-Christine POUJOULAT

September 16, 2020 – Grenoble (France)
This picture shows cyclists hanging under the Grenoble Bastille cable cars during the 17th stage of the 107th edition of the Tour de France cycling race, 170 km between Grenoble and Meribel.


September 4, 2020 – Quezaltepeque (El Salvador)
Members of the MS-13 and 18 gangs remain in an overcrowded cell at the Quezaltepeque prison. Authorities from the General Directorate of Penal Centres (DGCP) visited three Salvadorean prisons, some of maximum security, to check the situation of inmates and carry out searches amid the COVID-19 novel coronavirus pandemic.

AFP 8 | Andreas SOLARO

September 20, 2020 – Misano Adriatico (Italy)
CIP Green Power's South African rider Darryn Binder flies off his bike after he crashed during the Moto3 race of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix at the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli.

AFP 9 | Miguel MEDINA

June 05, 2021 – Venice (Italy)
The MSC Orchestra cruise ship sails across the basin as it leaves Venice. The cruise ship, which arrived in Venice on June 03, 2021 for the first time in 17 months, signaling the return of tourists after the coronavirus pandemic but enraging those who decry the impact of the giant floating hotels on the world heritage site, picked up about 650 passengers on June 05, before heading south to Bari, Corfu, Mykonos and Dubrovnik.


September 9, 2020 – Lesbos (Greece)
A boy carries a child in his arms as migrants and refugees flee the Moria camp after a fire broke out, on the island. Over 13,000 men, women and children ran out of containers and tents and into adjoining olive groves and fields as the fire destroyed most of the camp.

AFP 11 | Mohd RASFAN

October 30, 2020 – Genting Sempah (Malaysia)
Macaque monkeys play with a face mask, used as a preventive measure against the spread of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus, left behind by a passerby in Genting Sempah, Pahang state.

AFP 12 | Anas BABA

May 14, 2021 – Gaza Strip
The Israeli Iron Dome missile defence system (L) intercepts rockets (R) fired by the Hamas movement towards southern Israel from Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip.


July 12, 2020 – Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Brazilian accountant Tercio Galdino, 66, and his wife Alicea walk along Leme beach in protective suits. Tercio, who has a chronic lung disease, made the protective suits (looking like astronauts gear) at home using suits used by health professionals.

AFP 14 | Jeremie RICHARD

March 21, 2021 – Iceland
Hikers look at the lava flowing from the erupting Fagradalsfjall volcano some 40 km west of the Icelandic capital Reykjavik.

AFP 15 | Sameer AL-DOUMY

August 27, 2020 – France
Migrants sit onboard a boat navigating in agitated waters between Sangatte and Cap Blanc-Nez (Cape White Nose), in the English Channel off the coast of northern France, as they attempt to cross the maritime borders between France and the United Kingdom on August 27, 2020.

AFP 16 | Aaref WATAD

May 4, 2020 – Ariha (Syria)
This aerial view shows members of a displaced Syrian family, from the town of Ariha in the southern countryside of the Idlib province, breaking their fast together for the sunset "iftar" meal, in the midst of the rubble of their destroyed home upon their return to the town for one day after fleeing during the previous military assault by Syrian government forces and their allies.

AFP 17 | Franck FIFE

October 23, 2020 – Compiègne (France)
Theo Curin, swimmer with a 4 limb amputation, takes part in an open water training in 12-degrees celsius water. Theo Curin gave up the Tokyo Olympics to take up the challenge to swim accross Lake Titicaca (122km) in Peru in November 2021. With two other swimmers he will realize this expedition in total autonomy.

AFP 18 | Tarso SARRAF

October 28, 2020 – Brazil
A Health worker measures the temperature of riverside residents at the Pindobal community in the Igarape-Miri municipality, northeast of Para state.

AFP 19 | Hoshang HASHIMI

July 8, 2021 – Afghanistan
Members of an internally displaced family who left their home during the ongoing conflict between Taliban and Afghan security forces arrive from Qala-i-Naw, in Enjil district of Herat.

AFP 20 | Pedro PARDO

September 8, 2020 – San Miguel Amoltepec Viejo, Mexico
A boy, member of the Santiago family, is homeschooled in the Guerrero state, amid the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. In the poverty-stricken mountains of southern Mexico, children can only dream of internet or television that would allow them to join millions of others following distance learning during the pandemic. The coronavirus outbreak and its impact on education are just the latest chapters in a long history of marginalization of indigenous communities in the region.

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